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Claudine Haslam ~ South Cambridgeshire & North Hertfordshire based Acupuncturist
Covering Melbourn (near Royston), Barrington and the Surrounding Villages
(near to Bourn Hall Clinic)


"I approached Claudine with a whole range of health issues: rheumatoid arthritis, raised thyroid stimulating hormone, sicca (dry eyes, nose and mouth), pins and needles, diverticular disease, abdominal pain and, not surprisingly, anxiety caused by trying to deal with all of these issues. Many of the complaints cannot be cured, but acupuncture did a great deal to alleviate the symptoms. I went to Claudine in quite a state feeling that everything was out of control and not really knowing where to find help. Claudine was brilliant. I was so wound up when I first went to see her that I was hardly sleeping and after my first session I went home feeling so much more relaxed. To begin with, I went for weekly sessions and things were still very much up and down and as things calmed down, the time between sessions was extended. In the end, I had monthly sessions and looked forward to them very much. I always went out feeling so much better than when I went in.

I found Claudine extremely professional. She is knowledgable and will answer any questions. She has a lovely, warm manner and she immediately put me at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend acupuncture to anyone, and in particular, I would recommend Claudine very highly. I intend to use Claudine's services on a regular basis from now on. You can't have too much of a good thing! Thank you so much, Claudine, for all your help."
Mrs M, South Cambs.

"I contacted Claudine hoping she could help me reverse/control the symptoms of polyhydramnios in pregnancy. I suffered severely with this in a previous pregnancy and did not want to endure such a medical birth this time. The early onset was detected at a scan so Claudine began treatment and she was able to maintain fluid levels and also helped with positioning the baby, ripening the cervix, helping with sleep problems and healing my sore throat immediately (amazing!). I went on to have a planned home birth delivering a 10lb 6oz baby naturally. Claudine is professional, friendly and I wouldn't hesitate in using her again. Thank you!" - D Hall, S Cambs

"After 3 years of trying to conceive our first child and with 1 IVF under our belt we decided to try a different approach. So I began searching for a local acupuncturist and came across Claudine’s website, it was clear she had an interest in fertility. This along with the reasonable price list saw me booking my consultation appointment. After this appointment it was clear Claudine was embarking on this journey with us. Her knowledge and professionalism filled me with confidence. However, for me it was the compassion, empathy and understanding Claudine showed that stuck with me. Every session was tailored to me personally and would be as long as was needed. Never did I feel that we were on a time restriction, putting me completely at ease. My appointments with Claudine became my sanctuary and I always left with a renewed energy & positivity. Claudine was with us through every step of the next two IVF's, she kept in close contact with me and would accommodate any appointments needed including unsociable days/times. I am so happy to say her hard work paid off as our little bundle arrived in November 2012. Claudine continued to support me throughout my pregnancy right up to a couple of days before I gave birth. I wholeheartedly recommend Claudine to anyone, we will be eternally grateful to her." Abby, N Herts.

"I would be delighted to leave a testimonial for you, the treatment was fantastic and has alleviated the shoulder pain enormously, I can thoroughly recommend the treatment you gave me to anyone. A delightful atmosphere, very professional and I felt that you truly understood the problem and treated me in an holistic manner." Nikki, S Cambs.

"As a complete sceptic of all complementary therapies I tried acupuncture in my desperation to have a baby. Claudine was attentive and thorough. I found every session relaxing and was calmer than I had ever been before. Whether it was the acupuncture or not I will never know for certain but my first cycle of IVF worked, I had my ideal vaginal birth after more sessions towards the end of the pregnancy and I have a beautiful healthy boy. I have no idea how it works but I'd definitely do it again. Thank you Claudine." - M, Herts

"Despite being petrified of needles, a scientist and a sceptic I decided to face my fears and my scepticism and have acupuncture to hopefully support my IVF treatment. Claudine helped put me at ease and I firmly believe her acupuncture treatments were a major key to the success of our IVF treatment and the subsequent successful birth of our beautiful baby girl! Claudine, simply put you're a star - professional, sympathetic, courteous and supportive in every way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." - Dani (And Anthony and baby Katherine)

"I have nothing but great things to say about Claudine. I originally saw her for infertility and became pregnant then continued to see Claudine throughout the pregnancy. Along the way she continued to provide a nurturing environment for the baby plus altered the sessions to treat various ailments such as sweats, lack of appetite, constipation, hip pain and anxiety and later turning the baby into an optimal position and cervical ripening, ready for birth. From the onset Claudine treated me with respect plus great empathy and coupled this with a warm personable nature. Treatments were given by her in a professional and informative manner yet also in a very caring way. I have recommended Claudine to others and will continue to visit her in the future to aide my well being. Thank you Claudine." - Vicki (Baldock, Hertfordshire)

"Acupuncture with Claudine is a very relaxing and positive experience, in a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. She has a lovely gentle manner, with the ability to listen, and apply that insight to the acupuncture treatment, explaining all aspects as she goes along. My problem is now very much under control, and I now visit to keep my health and wellbeing maintained. I really look forward to my sessions with her. Thank you, Claudine!" - Carole, South Cambs

"Without your help, I would not have been able to continue training in kickboxing, and achieve my goal of reaching black belt which I had set myself since Oct 2005 when I was lying in my hospital bed after the knee surgery. Thank you for being the kind and caring and thorough person you are." – Fiona, London.

"I have found Claudine to be a sensitive and astute practitioner who is practical and intuitive with both acupuncture and guasha. She uses her talents to benefit her clients and have found myself feeling much better after her treatments. I would without question recommend her highly." Sylvia, London.

"I had acupuncture to help induce my very overdue baby and to avoid a medical induction. Claudine was a wonderful practitioner and I found her incredibly helpful and calming in this rather stressful period. The acupuncture really helped relax me and sure enough my baby girl arrived a day before the medical induction was scheduled so thank you very much!” – S, North Herts.

"We would like to thank you so very much for your care and treatment over the past few months. We first came to you in complete desperation as conventional medicine had offered no relief from the life consuming symptoms of Mennieres disease & arthritis. You looked at the 'whole' and put things right that had been wrong for so long so that we had forgotten what was normal!! Your empathy and determination to make a difference, gave us the confidence to proceed and the results following treatment mean that life is returning to normal, we can never thank you enough for all that you have done”, with love Lee & Lynda, South Cambs

"I found the treatment by Claudine to be very relaxing, informative and helpful. I hope to continue with my sessions as I could see a definite improvement. Acupuncture is something I would certainly recommend”– Eileen, Melbourn.

"I thought I could never kick the habit of just 3 cigarettes a day, smoking because of stress and stressed because of smoking, I was going round in circles! Acupuncture sessions have helped me to relax and pressure points in my ears gave me something to focus on. I'm finally smoke free”– Dawn, Royston.

"I cannot begin to thank Claudine enough. She was not only extremely professional, but understanding and showed great empathy throughout my pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Without her help and excellent treatment I don't quite know how I would have managed. Thank you Claudine, you're a star!" – Val, N Herts.

"I had pre birth acupuncture to assist with a smooth birth. In addition to the pre birth acupuncture Claudine also included treatment for the migraines I was suffering more regularly during in pregnancy and the hip pain I was experiencing at night. Following an acupuncture session, I found that the hip pain was much reduced which helped me to get a better nights sleep and that the frequency of migraines appeared to reduce. Also as a Mum to two older children, it was nice to have an hour a week to concentrate on my own well being. Thank you for helping me to feel relaxed during the final weeks of my pregnancy and to be mentally prepared for the birthing process." – Claire, Herts.

"I had acupuncture to help treat my tennis elbow. I found Claudine to be very friendly, informative & was very helpful in explaining all the parts of the treatment that she was carrying out & also giving advice on what I could do between sessions to help with the recovery. This was the first time I have had acupuncture, I found it very relaxing & wouldn't think twice about visiting Claudine again in the future, or recommending her to others. Thank you so much for your help." - Dan, Herts.

"I went for acupuncture treatment with Claudine for injured muscles around my knee. Her professionalism, focus, passion and dedication for treating me as a patient was exemplary. The swelling in my knee was gone completely after 3 sessions but the pain persisted, I now discovered that I have torn muscles following an MRI scan and I need surgery. Claudine, Acupuncture helped me a great deal in the interim. I would highly recommend Claudine and would not hesitate coming in future." – B, South Cambs.

"I approached Claudine for acupuncture treatment on my shoulder. I was in great pain and was looking for an acupuncturist nearest to where I live. I found Claudine through an internet search and called her immediately. Claudine was most kind and sympathetic to see me immediately that afternoon. The treatment i received from Claudine was thorough and professional. A session with her is very relaxing, she doesn’t rush through the treatment and always explains the treatment that has been given and the reasons why that was done. Thank you Claudine." – M, Melbourn.

"I cannot express my thanks and gratitude for the joy Claudine has brought into our lives. After having 3 miscarriages, I was beginning to believe that it wasn’t meant to be. Claudine came highly recommended by a close friend so I decided it was worth a shot.... I haven’t looked back since. We now have a beautiful baby girl and I honestly believe that without Claudine we would still be on the roller coaster of hospital appointments. Claudine’s relaxed and friendly attitude helped to instantly relax us and from there both my husband and I experienced the most amazing treatments, both for a baby and for general well being. I always feels so relaxed and complete after a session. I know I still have some work to do on my own well-being but thank you so much for helping us get and keep our little miracle!" - C, Royston.

"A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with an inherited peripheral motor neuropathy, and I was offered pain killers to help with the aches and twitches in my lower legs. Before proceeding with a long term course of pain killers I decided to give acupuncture a try. As someone who has been sceptical about alternative health techniques Claudine's approach put me at my ease, and over a period of a couple of months, acupuncture combined with gua-sha massage has dramatically reduced my symptoms. I don't know how it works, but I am now sleeping well again and have far less pain." - R, S. Cambs.

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